Brian Morris
Morris Law Center
Las Vegas, Nevada

Cobra Kai is one of the best gyms for Jiu Jitsu. The standup training is excellent as well.

I am an attorney, so I spend much of my time at a desk. Although Jiu Jitsu is very technical, and therefore mentally challenging, it is also a great workout. Considering my profession, intense physical combat is exactly what I need to balance myself after a long day at the office. In addition, for each day that I train, the work day goes by faster because I am looking forward to class that evening.

I have trained long term at two of the other well known gyms in Vegas. I have also visited many of the other gyms. I previously spent most of my time kickboxing. Once I became serious about Jiu Jitsu, I found that my previous gym was lacking. I visited a number of gyms during my transition, and Cobra Kai was the only gym that I was comfortable with joining. Initially, the style of instruction by the head coach, Simpson Go, is exactly what I look for in my training. Additionally, everyone is made to feel welcome by other members of the gym.  You will not find inflated egos here; everyone is willing to help each other.

In regard to class structure, Sim is mentally present during every minute of class. He explains technique in easy to understand steps, and then walks around to provide additional advice. He also assigns partners during the live sparring part of class. This is in contrast to other gyms where the instructor might demonstrate a technique or direct students to spar, and then disappear for a few rounds, thereby leaving the class unsupervised. 

I have also found the Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals class with Rodrigo Gutierrez to be an important part of my training. Rodrigo’s class reviews basic techniques that everyone needs to know. This class pairs well with the more advanced classes taught by Sim.

Finally, it should be noted that the stand up training at Cobra Kai is of the same high quality as the Jiu Jitsu. I trained with both of the Hinkey brothers for a number of years at a previous gym, and I like both of their classes. They are both great instructors.

In sum, if you join Cobra Kai you will not regret it.

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