Student Spotlight: Marc Luu

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Marc Luu is this week’s featured student. Marc has been training with us since February and took first place at NAGA a few weeks ago. Here’s what Marc had to say about how he got started in jiu-jitsu: I think my love for grappling started with pro wrestling when I used to wrestle with my older brother as a kid. I started watching early UFCs as a young teen and was just always intrigued with the submission game. It was cool seeing the less athletic looking guy being able to defeat the guy that looked like an action figure. I’ve always wanted to learn and train but always ended up making excuses for myself, like not having enough time or money. I eventually got sick of making these excuses and just signed up. I’ve fallen in love with jiu-jitsu ever since. In the beginning, my goals were to stay in shape and learn self defense. The longer I trained, the more I became obsessed about the sport aspect of it. Its so fun watching YouTube videos and instructionals and learning new techniques and set ups.

Labor Day Schedule

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We will be going by our regular classes on Monday for Labor Day. Come down and train! Also check out our technique of the week

Student Spotlight: Kenny and Shane Wilder

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Meet Kenny and Shane. They’re cousins who train here at Cobra Kai Jiu-Jitsu.  Kenny(black gi) is 12 years old and started training October of last year. He competed this past weekend at NAGA and won gold in the gi division and took silver in no gi.  Shane(blue gi) is 10 years old  and started training in January. He competed as well and took double gold in Gi and No Gi. Congratulations guys! Keep up the good work.

HD Dave’s Vegas Open match

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Check out Cobra Kai Brown Belt Dave Bazan’s Vegas open match this past weekend. Dave took first in the brown belt master 3 brown belt divison. Dave is in the white gi

Tuff N’ Uff Results

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Congrats to Cobra Kai fighter Bryce Sepe for winning his fight this past weekend at Tuff N’ Uff! Bryce made quick work of his opponent by securing the takedown, getting to the back and finishing with some devastating strikes. Thank you to all the coaches who helped get Bryce ready as well as all the members who came out to support! We’ll be posting the video as soon as we get it uploaded.