Cobra Kai 2013 Highlight

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Cobra Kai Reviews

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Hey guys, if you haven’t gotten the chance to check out our yelp page and read some of our reviews here’s the link Check it out! It gives you some insight on how our classes are ran and the experiences people have had with our gym. Our good friend Terrence Chan just left us a review before he headed back to Canada. We would like to thank him for the kind words and wish him the best! Here’s the review he wrote:

I will try to avoid the cliches of the gym being “a family, not just a team” and focus on the objective. The objective truth is that I have trained Brazilian jiujitsu, gi and no-gi, at dozens of gyms in various countries. And nowhere have I found an instructor who has taught me more useful techniques than Sim Go.

I think the fundamental reason for this is the structure of the class. Sim does not believe in putting his students through 20 minutes of Crossfit-esque group training movements before every class. Instead, he realizes that his students’ time is better served actually learning techniques and repeating them until they are ingrained in muscle memory. Sim understands that while warming up is important, it is better to do so with actual grappling-based movements instead of burpees, pushups, sprints, and other calisthenics you can do on your own time.

The competition results speak for themselves. Despite being significantly smaller than many other Vegas BJJ gyms, Cobra Kai’s results in local tournaments like Grapplers Quest and NAGA are stunning, with a number of podium finishes way out of proportion to their participation rate. Under Sim’s guidance, Cobra Kai is also developing a burgeoning MMA team with a number of young up-and-coming prospects (as well as one crippled old man, the author of the post you’re reading).

Despite the “bad guy” name that Cobra Kai conjures, I’ve found everyone on the team to be good-spirited, kind-hearted and a pleasure to train with. I will miss this gym and even though I am leaving Vegas, I hope to come back as a visitor many times to continue my own jiujitsu journey.

Shane Shapiro Tuff N’ Uff Fight Video

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Here’s Shane’s a clip of Shane’s fight from the last Tuff N’ Uff. Unfortunately, the fight ended early because Shane’s opponent got injured but it was a great fight nonetheless.

Ian Lujan Fight Video

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Congratulations to our very own Ian Lujan for capturing the featherweight title this past weekend at Tuff N’ Uff at Thomas and Mack Center. Ian made quick work of his opponent by securing a triangle choke of a scramble minutes in the first round. We will be posting more videos as Tuff N’ Uff releases them in the next few days.

Memorial Day Schedule

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Hey guys, we will be open for regular classes this Monday. Come down and train!